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Pulse Steam Technology™

The power of science

Pulse Steam Technology™ provides the perfect conditions for premium hay treatment, enabling steam to reach every part of the bale. Our patent pending Pulse Steam Technology™ is the power of multiple steam jets applied at optimum pressures and intervals coordinated by pre-programmed software and sensors.

Pulse Steam Technology allows the Sanderson Hay Steamer to deliver perfect hay faster and more efficiently than any other hay steamer on the market.

Pasteurisation For Healthier Hay

Improve hygiene, maintain nutrients

Pasteurisation kills harmful bacteria while preserving the nutritional value and taste. Pulse Steam Technology™ creates and controls the conditions required for pasteurisation. Airborne dust and mould spores become heavy with condensed water droplets, and are no longer a threat to your horse's respiratory system.

The Sanderson Hay Steamer removes unwanted bacteria, fungi, yeast and spores from the hay making it safe for consumption.

Easy to use

Automatic temperature control

The Sanderson™ is automatic which gives you repeatable quality no matter the thermal density of the bale or the ambient conditions. And it will switch off when it's done. Built-in safety and self-monitoring features, leave you free to do other activities - reassured your hay is being safely steam treated.

You rest assured that your hay steamer will get to work and deliver consistent results without the need for you to monitor it. This leaves you free to carry on with other tasks.

Built with ARPRO

The Sanderson™ hay steamer lid and base is made solely from this unique
engineered material called ARPRO, aka Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP)
ARPRO is an outstanding thermal insulator Which is what makes possible the most efficient hay steamer known to man!
ARPRO is super strong for yard proof durability
ARPRO is astonishingly lightweight
ARPRO is resistant to fungal and bacterial growth handy for a pasteurisation chest!
ARPRO is resistant to ambient temperature changes so it remains robust over the years
ARPRO is recyclable
Thank you ARPRO
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