Sanderson Hay Steamer

Industry leading Pulse Steam Technology™ makes the Sanderson™ hay steamer fast, energy efficient and effective – a technical solution for healthy and hygienic hay

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Steaming made easy

The Sanderson hay steamer is revolutionising the way hay is prepared with its very own Pulse Steam Technology™. The Sanderson is super fast, reliable and efficient. You can guarantee consistent results with hay that has been properly pasteurised. 

Everything is integrated into one portable unit that is lightweight and easy to move around your yard. The ergonomic design ensures easy hay loading and the entire process can be controlled using the simple (glove-friendly) user interface. 

You and your horse are going to love it!



Sanderson Hay Steamer





Power Source

Detachable power cable


230 – 240V AC

Power / Wattage

2.4 kW


L 142.8 x W 82.3 x H 78 cm






Conventional size 2-string hay bale, hay nets, loose hay, loose haylage (hay nets not included)

Feature Packed

Pulse Steam Technology

Quickly pasteurise hay with minimal energy usage.

Built with ARPRO

Sustainable, ultra-lightweight and robust.

Easy to Control

Built-in user interface that guides you step-by-step.

Descaling Alerts

Helping you keep your Sanderson running smoothly.

Detachable Water Tank

Easy to refill from any fresh water source.

Easy Loading

Low platform for easy hay loading.

Trusted by Team Collett

We are proud to share Team Collett’s feedback about the new Sanderson™ Hay Steamer.

Laura Collett MBE is a World Class British Equestrian and a British Olympic Team Gold Medallist from Tokyo 2021. Her incredible career highlights include Winning Badminton Horse Trials 5* 2022 on LONDON 52 with the lowest finishing score in the history of the event (21.4).

We look forward to working with Laura and her team as she continues her incredible journey.

"We intended to use the Sanderson to steam for one horse, but as soon as it arrived we found it so easy we started steaming for 3!"

"Everyone at team Collett has loved using the Sanderson hay steamer. The different settings are easy to use, and it's not only energy and time efficient but also much safer, with the steamer turning off once it’s finished. It puts us all at ease knowing the hay is being consistently steamed to remove any bacteria and dust throughout, with all the guesswork taken out of the process. And most importantly the horses love it!"

"We used to steam individual hay nets. Now we steam the entire bale and then load the hay nets straight from the Sanderson hay steamer. It works really well! Somehow it’s much easier to make hay nets with the softer steamed hay, and for sure it’s less dusty for us."

"We love the quality, it's soft and steamed all the way through the bale, not too wet not too dry, just right"

"The different steam cycles are so useful."

"The digital screen is so helpful, it's super easy to follow to start steaming and tells you where you are in the steam cycle. It’s great!"

"We love that you can hear the steam jets working their magic inside the chest!"

Many thanks to Libby Law Photography

Built with ARPRO

The Sanderson™ hay steamer lid and base is made solely from this unique
engineered material called ARPRO, aka Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP)
ARPRO is an outstanding thermal insulator Which is what makes possible the most efficient hay steamer known to man!
ARPRO is super strong for yard proof durability
ARPRO is astonishingly lightweight
ARPRO is resistant to fungal and bacterial growth handy for a pasteurisation chest!
ARPRO is resistant to ambient temperature changes so it remains robust over the years
ARPRO is recyclable
Thank you ARPRO
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