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This is the Sanderson bucket that will store water in a way the would make even the coldest ice melt. Legend says no Sanderson bucket has ever been kicked.


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So you want a bucket? Well this is the bucket you have been searching for. There are buckets and then there are buckets – this, my friend, is a bucket.

We have all been there, looking at a load of water and thinking “God I wish I had a bucket…”. Worry no more, the Sanderson Bucket has your back. No amount of water is too great for this bucket. Moses himself used one to part the Red Sea. Ever heard of the mouse and the bucket of cream? This was that very bucket. That mouse went on to tell his story to the world and inspire many people – he was even mentioned in the film “Catch Me If You Can”. So come on what are you waiting for – come get your very own Sanderson Bucket. Who knows, maybe you’ll fill it with cream and tell an inspirational story.

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