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Industry leading Pulse Steam Technology™ makes the Sanderson™ hay steamer fast, energy efficient and effective - a technical solution for dust-free, hygienic, healthy hay

Steaming made easy

The Sanderson™ hay steamer is fast. Under 2 minutes from first switching on and your hay is already being steamed. An average 2-String hay bale is complete in under 35 mins. Smaller loads are faster.

And it's a breeze to handle!

Everything is integrated in the lightweight ergonomic design, so it’s easy to move around. Automatic temperature control and self monitoring features take away the hassle and delivers results. Even the water tank is a pleasure to use … it’s detachable and push-fit … you’re going to love it.

  • Pulse Steam Technology™ gives consistent top-quality steaming for pasteurisation of hay
  • ARPRO is resistant to bacteria & fungi, strong and super light & recyclable
  • Steams an average size 2-string hay bale thoroughly in less than 35 mins
  • Automatic alteration of steam cycle depending on both the size and density of the hay load, and on the temperature outside, so whether it’s a frosty morning or a hot summer’s afternoon - you don’t need to worry about it - the Sanderson™ will work out the required steam time for you
  • Easy to follow user interface with auto stop at end of cycle
  • No supervision required so you can get on with other things
  • Auto alert to refill the 3L water tank. The tank is detachable for easy refill, and push fit for easy replacement
  • Safety measures built in to protect users and to preserve the unit
  • Integrated steam generator & lightweight design makes it easy to move
  • Small storage footprint when stored upright
  • Loading and unloading is made easier via a low platform with no lip, so you can slide a heavy bale into place
  • Plug into the mains for power
  • Relatively flat surface required

Built with ARPRO

The Sanderson™ hay steamer lid and base is made solely from this unique
engineered material called ARPRO, aka Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP)
ARPRO is an outstanding thermal insulator Which is what makes possible the most efficient hay steamer known to man!
ARPRO is super strong for yard proof durability
ARPRO is astonishingly lightweight
ARPRO is resistant to fungal and bacterial growth handy for a pasteurisation chest!
ARPRO is resistant to ambient temperature changes so it remains robust over the years
ARPRO is recyclable
Thank you ARPRO
Name Sanderson Hay Steamer
Colour Black
Brand Sanderson
Power Source Detachable power cable
Voltage 220 - 240V AC
Power/Wattage 2.4 kW
Size L 142.8 x W 82.3 x H 78 cm
Weight 38kg
Material ARPRO
Haylage Conventional size 2-string hay bale, hay nets, loose hay, loose haylage (hay nets not included)

Hay Steamer

Power Cable


How long is a steam cycle?

As long as it needs to be to pasteurise each load perfectly – but under 35 minutes - and remember it automatically works out how long each hay load needs according to the thermal density - so you don’t have to.

What is Pulse Steam Technology™?

Pulse Steam Technology™ achieves the conditions for perfect hay treatment with a blanket of steam systematically pasteurising the whole bale, corner to corner edge to edge.

I really want one now! What should I do?

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