Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about the Sanderson™ hay steamer. Whether you are looking to buy or simply curious about steaming hay, we've got the answers to many of your questions. However, if you can't find the answer you are looking for then don't hesitate to get in touch. We're happy to help!

  • How long is a steam cycle?

      As long as it needs to be (!) to pasteurise each load perfectly - but under 35 minutes. And remember your Sanderson™ hay steamer automatically works out how long each individual hay load requires, according to the conditions and thermal density of the bale, so you don’t have to.

  • What is Pulse Steam Technology™?

      Pulse Steam Technology™ achieves the conditions for perfect hay treatment by creating a blanket of steam, and through a sequence of pulses and pressure, systematically pasteurising your bale from edge to edge and through the core.

  • What is ARPRO?

      The chest is made from ARPRO, an engineered material with both extraordinary insulating properties and an extraordinary strength to weight ratio. Meaning it is strong like an ox, yet light as a feather.

      ARPRO is fire retardant, UV resistant. And, you'll be surprised to learn, a little shock absorbing too - which is useful in case you (or your horse) bang your knee on it (don’t do that by the way - just saying). It’s resistant to temperature change, meaning it can live inside or outside where other materials may become brittle. The dots are a part of the production process.

  • I thought pasteurising was for milk - why am I pasteurising hay!?

      It turns out it works brilliantly for other foodstuffs too.

      • Beer
      • Wine (before aging it)
      • Juices
      • Meat
      • Fruit & vegetables for canning
      • Milk & other dairy products
      • Even water

      And the reason.

      It is quite simple, how do we kill almost all the pathogens in what we are going to consume without losing the flavour, vitamins and goodness we were eating it for in the first place?

      The answer came from a French chemist, Louis Pasteur.

      Louis Pasteur worked out the minimum temperature and time required to kill most of the pathogens in a foodstuff.

      63ºC 30 minutes Vat Pasteurization
      72ºC 15 seconds High temperature short time Pasteurization (HTST)
      89ºC 1 second Higher-Heat Shorter Time (HHST)
      90ºC 0.5 seconds Higher-Heat Shorter Time (HHST)
  • What length of power cable does it come with?

      5m, if you need a different length please contact us. The plug is similar to a computer or kettle lead so it can be easily replaced.

  • What size door can it fit through?

      Any door bigger than 72cm. Also it is incredibly light at 32kg.

  • It looks heavy will I be able to move it on my own?

      It's very light, just 32kg thanks to the special use of the engineered material ARPRO. And it's an integrated all-in-one unit, so it is very easy, surprisingly easy, to wheel around, for when you want to wash out or store it.

  • Can you ship outside the UK?

      Please contact us through the enquiry form and will work out what's best for your location.

  • I’d like one ASAP! What should I do?

      Register! And then we’ll put you on our priority list so you can be among the first to hear about our launch and pre-launch promotions. Watch this space!

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